What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a strengh and conditioning program that is fun and creates fantastic results for your health and fitness. We use a lot of different training methods in order to create the best results possible! To get a better understanding on why that is, you can take a look at these videos "courtesy of CrossFit, LLC":

Through constant variation in our programming we make sure your body keeps adapting and our training will always be Fun, exciting and challenging.

We use a lot of different movements that all will improve our movement pattern and create a functional workingg body. We run, row, bike, jump, lift, in order to be able to handle all the things we might need to handle in our life.

To give you the best training possible we will adjust the intensity to your personal level, no matter if it is your first CrossFit class or your 1000 CrossFit class the level will be made to fit you.

Here at the frontline berlin our biggest focus is to make you the best version of you, our goal is to make you have fun doing workouts that will make you able to live your best life and be healthier then ever.

But is CrossFit for me?

ABSOLUTELY YES! CrossFit is for everyone! Our youngest member is 12 and oldest 74. We have people that have never worked out and we have people that have done nothing but working out; common for all is the desire to have fun and reach goals in a nice welcoming atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

But I have never worked out before, can I do CrossFit?

Again: Absolutely yes! 😊
Everything is scaled and adjusted by our professional coaches, they will make sure that you get all the support and advice you need. The workouts will be designed, so it fits you and your abilities 100 %. Our goal is to create a training session that fits you and make sure that you have fun every time you step in the box.